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Datenlogger und Messsysteme
Luftfeuchte- und Temperatur-Sensorik
Rissbewegung, Materialfeuchte, Spannung und Strom
Erfassung und Registrierung beliebiger Messgrößen
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The high-quality data loggers from Scanntronik capture, record and store measuring data of all kind, such as temperature, air-, material- or textile-moisture, events, voltage, current etc. over several years and do not lose these data when the batteries go flat.

The measuring results thus collected can be displayed in a very well structured format on a VDU, which comes with a lot of our equipment, just by pressing the relevant button. Moreover, the data can be printed out with the help of a flexible and portable miniature printer or, even more comfortably, evaluated with the right software on your PC.

When adapted accordingly, our products can be used as data logger units for recording any physical parameters. So, if you do need a customized design just give us a ring. A high degree of competency, reasonable prices and short development periods are our strong points.

You can download an english information brochure about several of our data loggers right here. Just click on the following link: Information brochure - 1.378 KByte - PDF document.

The datasheet of our new crack monitoring data logger "Rissfox Mini" you can download right here. Just click on the following link: Rissfox Mini datasheet - 801 KByte - PDF document

For further informations just give us a call or write us a short mail. You will get our response as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your interest in our products.

The Scanntronik Team