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Data Loggers and Measurement Systems
Relative / Absolute Humidity and Temperature Sensors
Crack Movement, Material Moisture, Voltage and Current
Detection and Registration of any Measurement Parameter
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Data Logger Systems & Data Logger Accessories

"Scanntronik Mugrauer GmbH" developes data logger systems to analyse
and record measurement data of numerous physical parameters like humidity,
temperature, material moisture, crack movement, voltage, current and much more.
We also provide a large assortment of data logger sensors and data logger accessories.

  Analog Soil Sensor for soil moisture, conductivity and temperature Analog Soil Sensor - Soil Moisture as Analog Output Signal !

Robust and waterproof sensor element with 3 x analog signal outputs (voltage) for the accurate measurement and analysis of the soil moisture (volumetric water content - VWC in percent [%] or dielectric permittivity), the electrical conductivity (uS/cm or cS/m) and the temperature (°C or °F) in soils and other granular media. Large measuring volume of up to 750 mL.
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  Temperatur Funksensor SoftFOX 3.05 - Software-Update with many new functions !

Download now and completely free of charge, the latest software update (Version 3.05) for our popular and user-friendly SoftFOX-Analysis-Software! With even more new functions for data evaluation, new formulas for our flexible mathematical curve calculation, optimizations for all your data loggers and many more features. By this means you will always be up-to-date!
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  Riss Sensor Datenlogger AccelFOX - Data Logger for Acceleration and Vibration !

With the AccelFOX data logger you can precisely analyse and record shock events, vibration, acceleration, orientation, angle, temperature and humidity. The data logger can record the acceleration up to 3,200 times per second (3200 Hz) and offers an internal data flash memory for over more than 2,000,000 readings. Numerous operating modes help to analyse the collected acceleration data depending on the field of application.
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  Soil Analysis Sensor for soil moisture, conductivity and temperature Soil Analysis Sensor - Soil Moisture, Conductivity & Co!

Robust and waterproof digital sensor element for the accurate and fully automatic recording of the soil moisture (VWC in percent [%] or dielectric permittivity), the electrical conductivity (uS/cm or cS/m) and the temperature (°C or °F) in soils and other granular media. Large measuring volume of up to 750 mL (0.75l), optionally available with worldwide remote data transmission via internet (Remotefox system) and flexible alarm.
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  Thermocouple data logger extension module Thermocouple Multiplexer - Record up to 8 x Temperatures !

This extension module for our data loggers has been specially developed for the analysis and monitoring of thermocouple temperatures. The system provides 8 sensor inputs, which allows the simultaneous recording of up to eight temperatures in a very large measuring range between -210°C and +1800°C. The thermocouple types K, J, N, R, S, T, E and B are supported. An alarm output for e.g. flexible SMS alarm messages is also included.
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  Crack and displacement data logger Rissfox Multisensor - Expansion for 4 x Crack Sensors !

The Rissfox Multisensor electronic is the logical addition for our successful crack analysis systems, since this highly flexible expansion module allows you to connect up to four additional crack sensors to our Rissfox Mini data logger control center. The system moreover possesses an easy-to-configure, flexible and high-performance alarm output for all connected sensors.
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  Universal voltage and current data logger Voltfox Maxi - Precise 12-bit Analysis of Voltage and Current!

The Voltfox Maxi data logger opens up a new dimension in the monitoring of voltage and current signals. In its compact housing, the data logger combines a high-resolution 12-bit A/D converter (resolution: 0.5mV), a 2000 Hz hi-speed min/max detection module, an flexible alarm output, memory for up to 64000 readings and a standard lithium battery into a powerful analysis system.
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  Material moisture data logger Material Moisture Gigamodule - 8 x Wide Sensor Range!

This extension module for our flexible data loggers was developed especially for the analysis of the material moisture of many materials (e.g. lumber, concrete, mortar, parquet, ...). The system has eight sensor inputs and can be used very flexibly thanks to its very large measuring range (10kOhm to over 100GOhm respectively for wood from < 6%Wg to 90%Wg).
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  Remote data transmission system Remotefox - System- Remote Data Retrieval and Alerts !

With our Remotefox you get a spectacular and versatile data transmission system. Connect up to two data loggers including your extension modules and sensors to the system and regularly receive your measurement data as a file per email. In addition Remotefox avails of two independent alarm inputs for immediate data logger alerts via e-mail or SMS.
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  Crack monitoring data logger Rissfox Mini - Analysis of Crack Movement and Climate !

Fully automatic recording of crack displacements, change of length, air temperature and humidity thanks to the high-resolution crack analysis sensor (resolution: 2.5µm = 0.0025mm = 0.0001 inch) and the revolutionary digital CMOSens® technology (accuracy: <0.3°C and <1.8%rH)! Optional data logger memory capacity up to 64000 readings.
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  Humidity and air temperature data logger Hygrofox Mini - Analysis of Air Quality in Mini Format !

Recording of air temperature and humidity thanks to revolutionary digital CMOSens® technology! There is no need for complexe re-calibration of the climate sensor integrated in the data logger system. The sensor is characterised in particular by its extremely fast response time (< 3 seconds), high precision (up to +/- 1.8%rH), reliability as well as its optimised long-term stability. The memory of the data logger system can store up to 64000 readings.
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  Universal temperature data logger Thermofox Universal - Precise Temperature Data Logger !

Wherever you need to display, monitor or record temperatures, Thermofox Universal is the right data logger system for you. The logger can measure the temperature of up to 3 sensors simultaneously and automatically stores them in its data memory (up to 64000 readings). Numerous external probes are available, so the system can be used in various applications like in cold storage houses, when transporting and storing goods, in refrigeration engineering, and many more.
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