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Data Loggers and Measurement Systems
Relative / Absolute Humidity and Temperature Sensors
Crack Movement, Material Moisture, Voltage and Current
Detection and Registration of any Measurement Parameter
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SoftFOX - Software

Graphical measurement data evaluation and
detailed analysis with the PC

Flexible configuration of all our data logger systems, diagram based analysis, calculation of dew-point curve and absolute humidity, graphic inclusion in expert opinions/reports, export to Excel, measurement data archiving and much more ...

datenlogger softwareThe SoftFOX analysis software has been specially developed for Microsoft Windows® and can be used under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and newer Microsoft Windows® versions.

It is compatible with all our data loggers, such as the Thermofox Universal, Thermofox Pro, Thermofox Mini, Hygrofox, Hygrofox Mini, Room Climate Guard, etc. and therefore provides a maximum of flexibility.

Besides the graphical analysis and further processing of the measured values, the software enables the individual configuration of all our data loggers. datenlogger softwareOf course, it is possible to set any desired measurement rhythm from one second up to 24 hours. In addition, you can have the dew-point curve calculated, configure the integrated clock or calendar of our devices or check the current battery status of the data loggers. And of course, functions such as alarm output, calibration and device information can be retrieved and changed.

The devices can be connected to a computer via an USB interface cable which is included in the delivery of the SoftFOX software. The data transfer is completely uncomplicated and very fast and will provide you with measurement data on your PC within seconds. Exporting measurement data into other programs such as Excel is also possible without any problems and accordingly, additionally opens any option of numerical data analysis of this software. Languages of the SoftFOX software: German and Englishdatenlogger software

Scanntronik Mugrauer GmbH continuously adds new features to the SoftFOX software. In addition to the PC interface cable, the SoftFOX package includes a license which allows you to always obtain the latest version of the software from our website.

Excel and Windows are registered trademarks of the company Microsoft.
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SoftFOX - Analysis software
for a detailed pc data analysis. Including USB interface cable. Languages: English and German
EUR 63.03 (plus VAT)
EUR 75.00 (incl. GER-VAT)
SoftFOX - Analysis software
for a detailed pc data analysis. Including RS232 interface cable. Languages: English and German
EUR 54.62 (plus VAT)
EUR 65.00 (incl. GER-VAT)
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